The A to Z of 0 & 1: String Theory’s digital dictionary

We live in increasingly digital times. And the language often used to explain some of those digital developments is downright confusing. Fear not, dear luddites, for String Theory has created a dictionary “to shine a little light into the impenetrable murk of digital terminology for the benefit of the non-expert, the vaguely interested or anyone who just wants to give the flimsy impression they know what they’re talking about”. 

As String Theory ‘navigator’ Jane Cherrington wrote on LinkedIn: “Sick of not knowing your ASP. NET from your elbow? Worried when your 12-year-old son tells you he’s mastered Ruby? When someone says ‘Joomla’, do you say “bless you”…?

If so, then go for a hoon here.

While Google is basically just one big dictionary, this puts it all in one place, categorises the info and, along with a serious description, also offers quirky audio descriptions of the phrase in question with the backing of some jaunty theme music. 

For example, social media: “Social media is considered by some to herald the end of civilisation. And if this does happen, it will be widely reported on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Like.” 

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