Y&R NZ gives the kids a voice in first campaign for Aussie client Kraft Heinz

Y&R NZ has developed a new campaign that features a trio of talking babies that take Kraft Heinz’s infant food pouches through a thorough interrogation process.

The CGI-powered spot was brought to life by Flying Fish under the directorial eye of Gregor Nicolas. 

Playing out at an airport security checkpoint, the campaign is designed to tap into the continued popularity of TV show Border Security.        

“After 14 years on-air, Border Security remains one of Australian TV’s highest rating shows – this made it the perfect cultural currency to have fun with,” says Y&R NZ chief creative officer Josh Moore.

The Border Security theme also provided an interesting creative vehicle by which to represent the internal conversations mums often have when interrogating food products in the supermarket aisles.

This is the piece first work Y&R NZ has rolled out for Kraft Heinz since meeting with the client last year.     

Y&R NZ managing director Jono Key says the partnership came about largely off the strength of Y&R NZ’s performance at international awards shows last year.

He says the client was in New Zealand for a day last year and agreed to meet with Y&R to discuss the potential of working together.

“It was by far the shortest pitch I’ve ever been involved with,” he says.

Key says this shows clients notice what happens at international awards shows and that it still remains important for agencies to showcase their work on the global stage.  

Kraft Heinz is Y&R’s third international client, sitting alongside Danone’s Kerricare brand and Burger King Miami on the roster.

Key says that New Zealand creativity has always been well respected on the international stage and he expects to see more offshore work developed by local agencies in the coming years.

Looking at the local agency scene this certainly seems to be a valid point, with all the big names now also working with clients across the ditch and beyond.    

With advances in communications technology and the ease of sending large files within a matter of minutes, many of the hurdles that previously made international collaboration difficultl have been removed.

“New Zealand has so much creative IP and it almost seems old-fashioned not to export it,” says Key.   


Client – Kraft Heinz Australia
Agent – Y&R NZ
Josh Moore – CEO / CCO 
Jono Key – Managing Director / Head of planning
Tom Paine – Executive Creative Director
Josh Moore – Creative
Ellen Fromm – Copywriter
Sacha Moore – Head Producer
Fiona Chantaloup – Senior Producer
Katie Loverich – Senior Account Director
Heike Middleton – Senior Account Manager
Caroline Wilkie – Designer 

Media – Mediavest Australia
Kate Provan – Group Account Director 
Emma Schmidt – Account Manager
Keily Brown – Investor
Taylor Svarc – Digital Director    

Production – Flying Fish
Director: Gregor Nicholas
Producer: Penelope Sinclair
DOP: Marty Williams       
Editor: Alex O’Shaunessy
Post Production: Puck Murphy, Anita Ward, Mandy VFX
Grade: Pete Ritchie
Sound: Rumble Studios (Sydney) Liquid Studios (Auckland)

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