Your Google history

With Google continuing its delve into Skynet territory, the internet conglomerate has brought us a new feature to “reminisce” over.

The all new ‘your timeline’ feature, stands as a testament to the fact that Google is watching us 24/7. Through the use of your android phone or computer, users are able to select any point in history. Google then provides them with a chronological list of all the places they have travelled during this time under aptly named subheadings such as “Mum’s house”.

Furthermore, if you’re partial to the their photo service, Google will take the liberty of embedding your pictures (selfies?) into this timeline as well.

Bolstering the claim that the service is “a useful way to remember and view the places you’ve been on a given day, month or year” we can only hope that future mass surveillance is as useful as this.

For more info see here.

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