Is your agency pitch ready?

The NZME Agency team is enlisting Auckland agencies to get involved in some friendly competition, with the launch of its inaugural inter-agency cricket The Agency Super Smash Big Bash Premiere League competition.

The last man standing-style event will be held on Friday 3 November with the Alternative Commentary Collective (ACC) loitering about playing early rounds and commenting the final clash, which will be broadcast across a specially designed iHeart Radio Station.

Jeremy Wells, one of the ACC punishers, says it really prides itself on covering all the big sporting occasions, and then subsequently being kicked out of them so it’s really looking forward to running and defaming its very own tournament.

Agencies are invited to register teams of eight for the tournament as well as a few yarns and drinks on NZME as no day of cricket is complete without snags. The winner will not only get bragging rights but will win a top-secret prize courtesy of the Agency Team at NZME.

Matt Headland, acting chief commercial officer, says it will be a great day for rivalry and banter.

“We’re looking forward to some serious cricket and beers, so cancel that Ponsonby road lunch, chuck on the out of office and come see if you can beat the NZME team.”

One of the agency’s already voicing interest is Carat and its senior business director Nick Dykes is confident it will field a competitive outfit with a number of past and present first XI players on the books. He is particularly looking forward to “advancing down the track and slapping Jerry’s mediocre mediums into the duck pond”.

OMD’s group trading director Hamish Roderick is also a confident man.

“Cricket is basically rugby on horse tranquiliser. At this pace, it will be difficult not to rein triumphant.”

To sign up a team, email Sam Abraham at [email protected] There are limited spots so do yourself a favour and register early, no one wants it to be a NZME vs ACC final. 

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