YoungShand releases in-depth marketers perspective report

YoungShand has announced today a new report, The YoungShand Marketing Challenges Project. The report is a wide cohesive look into the challenges facing New Zealand marketing directors in 2020 and beyond.

Carried out by the team at YoungShand, the agency decided to invest  in an extensive in depth qualitative research project looking to understand the challenges facing marketers at the start of a new decade.

Managing Director Duncan Shand says the idea was to interview a host of different marketers across a range of industries to understand the common challenges they’re facing.

“Hopefully doing this can galvanise their resolve to tackle some of these challenges head on. We need strong marketing leadership now more than ever.”

He says although the research was slowed by the global pandemic, they were able to complete the wide range of needed interviews to offer this extensive report.

“It went pretty well until mid March. Most of the interviews were completed. One or two had to be completed over a call. But we also had to resurvey and check in on what the impact of Covid-19 had on the initial results. Were the initial responses still relevant or had another whole set of challenges emerged?

An excerpt from the report

“We’ve now finally finished the report which details the top 10 challenges and focuses on understanding the top five. Those top five were – change/innovation, marketing strategy, digital, building strategy and developing marketing capability. Yes, some new pressures emerged with the Lockdown but the core challenges remained the same.”

As well as the top five, the report covers key findings from the surveyed marketers and the impact of Covid-19 so far.

Download the full report here.

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