99 and Spark launch NZ’s first 3D virtual store

Spark and 99 have recently launched a 3D virtual store that will serve as a new sales channel whilst incorporating their latest store format.

Pitched by 99 at the beginning of lockdown and developed within four weeks, the concept allowed Spark to better assist customer needs while their physical store was restricted due to Covid-19.

As a first for New Zealand, the 3D virtual store helps brings physical retail into a digital world and aims to deliver a richer online shopping experience. Much like a bricks and mortar experience, the virtual store allows customers to explore and browse ket products and connect with retail staff.

Director of experience design at 99, Danielle Barclay, says the project was a combination of brand innovation and solving customer problems while dealing with the impacts of Covid-19.

“The team are extremely proud of this innovative project and have worked tirelessly to deliver this ambitious and unique experience whilst in lockdown.”

Head of applied technology, Craig McKay, says e-commerce websites don’t represent the customer experience of physical retail stores, therefore a virtual store was created.99 Spark Virtual Store press release Final

“We have combined offline architectural 3D modelling techniques with emerging interactive design in order to push the boundaries of web-based experiences.”

Spark senior marketer, James Henson, says the project has been exciting and demonstrates the company’s agile and digital focus.

“This has been an amazing project to bring to life in the midst of a global pandemic and signals an exciting new chapter for Spark.”

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