YoungShand helps you better Tend to your healthcare needs

Best known as the Founders and former CEOs of My Food Bag Cecilia and James Robinson have launched a bold new health care venture with the help of YoungShand.

Tend, a new app-led service – linked to the Robinsons’ clinic in Kingsland – is designed to challenge the pain points that have become ‘normal’ for Kiwis needing to see their doctor.

YoungShand was brought into the project over a year ago to work alongside the team at Tend to help craft how to take the new service to market.

“We’re really thrilled with the creative that YoungShand have delivered. As a healthcare provider, our focus is to deliver the best healthcare experiences. The question “is it normal” is something we’ve all asked ourselves and we love how the campaign has come together,” says James. 

The new format of healthcare delivery has attracted a talented team of specialist clinicians that Kiwis can see from wherever suits them. This is thanks to the Tend app, which seamlessly connects users to the doctors and nurses behind Tend, while also giving them access to their health data and notes.

“Cecilia and James had a clear vision from day one. They want to offer Kiwis a better solution to what can be a painful process, and one that is aligned to the pace and way we live today,” says Emma Dalton, Client Services Director at YoungShand. 

With Kiwis entrenched in the existing way of interacting with their doctor, the campaign delivered by the YoundShand Team had to be equal parts education and engagement. Ensuring that the benefits were clear while delivering a campaign that engaged Kiwis in a sector that is often cliche in its communications.

“Our goal as their creative partner was to challenge Kiwis to ask why they settle for the current healthcare system. Why do they wait for days to get an appointment, then travel across town just to wait some more? Why are they happy to pay the same fee for a repeat prescription as a serious health matter? And why do they settle for visiting a doctor they don’t know when they need help after hours? Once you breakdown the system, it is clear that the consumer experience could be much better,” says Emma Dalton, Client Services Director at YoungShand. 

YoungShand worked with several production partners in the creation of the campaign, including Perry Bradley from Film Construction, Liquid Studios and Joseph Carrington (illustrator) and Luke Toth (animator) to bring the animated internal monologues to life.

The films are supported by a mix of outdoor and digital placements.

Watch the campaign:


Agency: YoungShand
Creative Director: Anne Boothroyd
Creative Director: Scott Maddox
Creatives: Hannah Stokes, Ben Caroll, Andrea LoVetere, Kent Briggs, Tammy Keegan
Designers: Andrea LoVetere, Elliot Oxborough
Production Director: Nigel Sutton
Client Services Director: Emma Dalton
Senior Account Manager: Anna Christie
Client: Tend Health Limited
Co-CEO & Founder: Cecilia Robinson
Co-CEO & Founder: James Robinson
Marketing & Communications Manager: Matthew Paul
Design Agency: Culture and Theory
PR Agency: Pead PR
Production Company: Film Construction
Director: Perry Bradley
Executive Producer: Belinda Bradley
Producer: Ferris Bradley
DOP: Fergus Cahill
Art Director: Rod Haag
Editor: James Hutchinson
Illustrator: Joseph Carrington
Animator: Luke Toth 
Sound Post: Liquid Studios
Music: Peter van de Fluit
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka
Audio Producer: Tam O’Neil

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