yMedia founders hang up charitable boots, put collaborative comms scheme on ice

It was a cool idea. But yMedia, which mixed up a potent broth of industry professionals, tertiary students looking to add some experience to the CV and not-for-profits that needed some help with their comms efforts, won’t be held this year and has gone on hiatus. 

The event was started by Pamela Minette and Adele Barlow and some well known advertising, digital and media firms like TBWA/TEQUILA, Fresh Fish/BRR, Alt Group, The Common Room, Touchpoint, Shift, DDB, Messiah Ltd, Sparks Interactive, Saatchi & Saatchi, Rad3, CraftDigital, Colenso, Running With Scissors and nzherald.co.nz, all put their hands up to help last year.

Here’s the message on the yMedia blog:

As a team, we have made the difficult decision (there were tears!) not to run the yMedia Challenge in 2011.

Together, we grew the yMedia Challenge to new levels of success in 2010, contributing over half a million dollars worth of value back to the community (check out our Annual Report for the results). In the face of such success, we’ve decided to take this year to look closely at how we provide the most value back to you, our community.

It’s been four years since Pamela and Adele ran the very first yMedia Challenge, and though the event has evolved and grown since then, we are not sure that the event in its current form is making the best use of our resources to deliver back to our community.

While we may run the yMedia Challenge again in future, the hiatus of the event gives us the refreshing freedom to explore some exciting new avenues of bridging the gap – connecting students, community groups and our industry.


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