The Year in Review: Regan Grafton and Tony Clewett

DraftFCB ended 2012 with the much–loved Driving Dogs campaign, and in 2013 the agency continued in this good vein of creative form by producing a range of memorable ads. In addition to sending voices to the moon for Dr Who’s 50th, DraftFCB also encouraged Kiwis to say “no more beersies,” introduced us to the cringey cool dad and revisited the over-the-top antics that pervaded ’80s action films. Given that it’s been a good year for the team at DraftFCB, it comes as no surprise the executive creative directors Regan Grafton and Tony Clewett had a bit of fun when sharing their thoughts on the last 12 months.      

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Steinlager’s ‘be the artist’ is downright cool. One mistake. No ‘cock and balls’.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

 Ever heard anyone say ‘no more beersies’?

3) Least favourite campaign

Oh ASB, poor Brian. 
Or maybe he’s just laughing as he checks his bank balance on his nifty mobile app in the barbers. 

4) Most impressive performance

Antonio in a stellar performance as he cries for the love of Colenso.

5) Biggest move

Andy’s move to a regional role.

6) Best innovation

That awesome facial recognition stuff. Got to do something with that.

7) Best brands

Our government clients have been amazing. Cool Dad, Yeah Nah, Maritime…

8) Best stoush

The way we helped wreck the Axis call for entries. Sorry about that.

9) Heroes

The ECDs that took a lie detector test and tried to be honest.

10) Villains

The person who threw an egg at Kelly Lovelock at our away day. You know who you are – oops – this is for villains not heroes.

11) Most memorable marketing moment 

It’s scary how an iconic New Zealand brand, namely a bank with a black horse, can vanish into the thin air with so little fallout. Well done blue bank.

12) A few predictions for 2014

We’ll catch that egg-throwing bugger. That’s a promise, Kelly.

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