Year in Review: Jack Tame

In keeping with an ongoing tradition, a few industry players gave us their take on the year for our annual opinion harvest. Here’s what Jack Tame, host of The Jack Tame Show on Newstalk ZB on Saturdays, TVNZ’s US correspondent and Herald on Sunday columnist and thought about 2014. ​​

1. Favourite local campaign 

The Hosk running feedback sessions on how to improve everybody elses’ ratings following Radio Survey Results.

2. Best ad

The Steinlager Pure ad with William Trubridge. I watch it for fun.

3. Worst ad

The ‘Giganaire’ one

4. Your own biggest success

Perfecting paella, saffron and all. The key is ensuring your calamari isn’t too chewy.

5. Favourite magazine/website/TV show/radio show/podcast/news service/app/song/other.

‘This is what it feels like’ by BANKS. That song haunts my dreams…

6. Most ridiculous buzzword


7. Best innovation

The change in rules that lets you listen to your iPod when the plane is taking off.

8. Most over-hyped ‘innovation’

Coconut oil.

11. Heroes

The Alternative Commentary Collective

12. Villains

Bill Cosby.

13.  Predictions for 2015

A close Cricket World Cup loss. A Rugby World Cup win.

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