World’s first PR gallery in NZ

lily louis PanoIt’s a smart idea that makes so much sense – show off all your clients’ products in one glitzy gallery for the media and industry bods to peruse and play with.

The concept is the brainchild of ex-Mojo PR managing partner, Jacqui Ansin. Ansin left Mojo less than four months ago to start her own PR venture, Lily & Louis. First onboard were Porsche and Audi. Nice. Since then a variety clients have come to the party – LG, BNZ, Puma and Olympic watches, Power Plate vibration training and fashion from Gucci, Dior, D&G and Briarwood among others.

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The Lily & Louis showroom in Newton, Auckland, which used to be the Soca Gallery, ticks all the boxes for Ansin – inner-city location, ground floor, lots of parking, a massive space with crisp white walls, a mezzanine level and doors wide enough to slide in a Porsche Panamera.

The premises will also have a photographic studio and another space for health, beauty and lifestyle products. Upstairs there’s a wireless media corner that mediatti can use as a remote office.

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“The beauty of Lily & Louis is that you can get everything you need in one visit. We’re offering a concept of 20 ideas in 20 minutes,” says Ansin. The showroom allows people to “touch, feel and experience” the latest and yet-to-be-released offerings from premium brands. Clients too, now have a perfect venue to hold demos or launches. Display plinths are on castors so products can be moved around and updated on a regular basis. BNZ even created its own glossy white stand to fit in with the L&L aesthetic.

I know you’re wondering so I’ll tell you – Louis is Ansin’s darling Bichon-Lhasa Apso cross who doesn’t go anywhere without his LV collar and Lily is his girlfriend yet to be met. Got a little dog? In media? The address is 74b France St, Newton.

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