Wish you were here (not)

Of course, the main reason for holidays is to inspire jealousy, so family, friends and, if you’re feeling so inclined, your arch enemies, can now be sent a personalised greeting card at the push of a few buttons thanks to the launch of Send a Card for iPhone by New Zealand Post.

Sending a greeting card from an iPhone as opposed to the old school pen and paper approach might seem fairly impersonal, but the cards can be personalised by using a photo that you’ve taken, or stored, on your iPhone. The card is then printed and delivered by New Zealand Post to its destination.

It’s doubtful that receiving a semi-computer generated communique will replace that feeling of fetting a hand-scribbled note saying something like “I’m having a much better time than you” on the back of the rudest card your travelling associate could find on the postcard carousel. But humans are lazy, and have little time for writing, typing or emailing anymore, so, at NZ$4.99 including GST to send to anywhere in the world, it could be a good little earner for The Post.

“Not only is it simple and cost-effective, Send a Card offers a uniquely personal way to keep in touch,” says Sohail Choudhry, New Zealand Post’s general manager of targeted communications. “It’s ideal for travellers wanting to share their holiday experiences with friends and family across the globe.”

So, no matter what exotic country you might be in—be it Mauritania, Kyrgyzstan, or Canada—snap away and make everyone who’s stuck at home feel even worse.

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