Wipeout groans: Mountain Dew turns the camera on the watchers

In both surfing and skateboarding culture, a harmonic groan often accompanies a wipeout. Whether it’s a group of pros waiting in the channel at Teahupo’o  or a few mates just having a bowl session at the local skate park, this groan serves as a salute to the fallen. And the more severe the wipeout, the more animated and pronounced the reaction from the specators on the sideline.

Using this as the premise, Colenso BBDO has continued Mountain Dew’s ‘To get to easy you have to go through hard’ positioning with a new clip that turns the camera on the spectators watching a skater try to land a trick.  

During the clip, the camera captures the reactions of the group of friends as they watch an unseen skater trying to land a trick. Each failure suggested by background sounds of a skater falling are met with groans across the board. And each time the unseen skater falls, the reactions from the spectators just become more intense, until elation erupts as the trick is landed. 

The description on the video simply says: “Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Legend. Check out the new vid. You’ll know that feeling.”

And given that the video has already been watched over 122,000 times since being uploaded on 16 November, it’s clear that the message resonates with quite a few skaters out there. 

Production credits:

Production Company: 8 
Director: Michael Humphrey
DOP: Aaron Morton   

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