The Winter Adlympics

Amidst the photos of dodgy hotels, news of security threats and occasional sporting events at the Sochi Winter Olympics (why the amazing ski ballet was canned, we’ll never know), there are the ads riding on those coattails. So here’s a collection of the best. 

It’s fake. But it’s a good take on the opening ceremony glitch (and here’s the t-shirt). 


There’s been plenty of talk about Russia’s attitude towards the LGBT community leading up to the games. And businesses are certainly having their say in response. Google created a rainbow doodle in support; UK’s Channel 4 filmed a fruity, stereotypical anthem about the ‘Gay Mountain’; Chevy’s ad that aired during the opening ceremony featured a same-sex couple; and The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion went all the way, saying “the Olympics have always been a little gay”. 

United Airlines, in a spot via McGarry Bowen, promoted its support of Team USA with a host of athletic pursuits taking place in planes and airports.  

P&G, just as it did for the summer games, tugged on the heartstrings and aimed for the Moms. 

And it’s not a large sporting event without some ambushery, and KFC showed that fried goods taste much better when you’re in the air. ​

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