Willie Jackson, John Tamihere gagged for remainder of 2013

Willie Jackson and John Tamihere announced during their show that they will not return to RadioLive for the remainder of 2013.

The announcement, which was made at noon today, follows last week’s report that a host of advertisers refused to have their ads play during the pair’s show. Since last Tuesday, their show has run without advertising, and a release from MediaWorks, the parent company of RadioLive, confirmed that the show would continue to run advert-free until the end of the week.

In addition to expressing regret for the impact that their utterances had on their listeners, wives, children, grandchildren and communities, the broadcasters also offered an apology to advertisers saying, “We also want to apologise to the clients of RadioLive who’ve had to deal with negative feedback to their businesses because they advertise in our show.”

In the release, MediaWorks once again distanced itself from Jackson and Tamihere’s comments, with MediaWorks Radio Chief Executive Belinda Mulgrew saying, “We apologise unreservedly for any offence or distress caused to listeners, clients or others by Willie and JT’s interview with Amy.”

Mediaworks has still not released a statement on who would be replacing the pair for the 12pm to 3pm show, but the Twitter community has already offered a few satirical possibilities under #RadioLiveReplacements, which is currently the fourth highest trending topic in New Zealand.

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