Willie the brave

While The Civilian Party is jokingly proposing Hamilton become independent from New Zealand as part of its election campaign, Scotland actually gets a chance to decide whether to stick with the Brits or go it alone. No prizes for guessing which side Groundskeeper Willie is on. 

According to Digiday, this clip is the latest in a series of contextual extras aimed at drawing attention to Simpsons World, “a full-scale online content stream”.

Simpsons World will be the latest addition to FXNow, Fox’s on-demand content app that it hopes will be its answer to HBO Go. On the app, fans will be able to stream every episode, create playlists like “all the episodes about Lisa’s love life,” for example, and read scripts as they watch the show. Most important, it lets users search for scenes — not just episodes — and share them on social media. “They recognize how people use pop culture references now,” said Jeremy Daly evp, exec planning director, Y&R. “They use them to explain or amplify a moment in real life, like ‘This is like when. …’”

Simpsons World will also be available as a website. 

Speaking of Scotland, John Oliver has also weighed in with another very funny clip. 

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