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While the encyclopedia has been banished to conversations starting with “back in my day…”, Wikipedia is still going strong as it celebrates its 15th birthday.

The current develop rate of the online knowledgebase is 10 edits per second according to Wikipedia with 800 new articles added each day. Current statistics say the website hold 5,060,614 articles which have been edited 809,692,008 times. 

To celebrate its 15 years the website is celebrating with a banner which links to Wikepedia15 a website giving an insight into Wikipedia’s contributors, finances and purpose.

Users can also share what Wikipedia means to them with people describing it as the “greatest proof that humans are collaborative social beings”, and “an all knowing Grandpa”.

It comes as no surprise then that Wikipedia has the answer to what George W. Bush, the Catholic Church, Adolf Hitler, Britney Spears and WWE wrestlers have in common.

They are a few of the names appearing on the list of most edited articles in the English-language Wikipedia over the last 15 years.

Those who do volunteer their time to add information to the site are called “Wikipedians”. While they work on a voluntary basis there are suggested rules for contributing to Wikipedia to including editing on a full stomach and drinking minimal amounts of alcohol.

Another Wikiedia rule is no advertising, as it may be at odds with the mission of a neutral, non-profit website which aims to educate. However, that didn’t stop Pirelli from getting its name spread across the articles.

The Italian tyre manufacturer filled the pages relating to anything motor sport with its own images, all featuring the Pirelli logo.​

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