Wieden + Kennedy marks London Pride Week with a cheeky fundraiser

It’s London Pride Week and Wieden + Kennedy is celebrating with 100 arse-shaped vases.

Created to raise money for Positive East, a charity supporting those with HIV, the hand-made ceramic ‘Arse Vases’ are being sold on a dedicated website through which Wieden + Kennedy answers the various questions an arse-shaped vase may raise, including: Why?

“This year around London Pride, we wanted to create something for them that helped raise badly needed funds, helped fight the stigma around HIV in a playful way and raise awareness about who Positive East are and what great work they do,” the agency explains on the site.

And for those wondering whether not th case would make a good gift, the agency says:  “It would make the best gift. Gift receivers will love and remember you for a long time and consider you an interesting, compassionate and culturally relevant person.” 

The vases come in three different skin shades and there’s the option to add some hairy detail. They cost £40 each and there’s the option to add a further donation onto the bill when paying.

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