Why Australians secretly love us (or our wine at least)

Raise your glasses to the New Zealand wine industry please….

A report from Nielsen shows the New Zealand wine phenomenon has continued to gather pace in Australia with volume sales up a massive 42.3 percent over the financial year to 2009.

Adding to this,  sales value has doubled over the last three years to now represent eight per cent of the total wine sold through the off-premise liquor market in Australia.

Fuelling this movement is a core group of Aussie consumers aged in their 30s who are relatively new to the wine category. Their consumption and level of interest in New Zealand wines has steadily increased over the past five years.

The Nielsen report reveals that this group of ‘thirty-somethings’ who regularly buy New Zealand wine differ from the general wine buying population as they are more likely to be in their 30s and less likely to be aged over 65; likely to live in metro regions – particularly Sydney; and have a household income over $100K.

These buyers have a higher propensity to experiment within the category, are not necessarily brand loyal and are happy to taste new and alternate varieties. They are more likely to be purchasing New Zealand wine for social occasions, feel the need to impress with their wine selection and are more likely to place importance on ‘being good with food’ than the typical wine buyer.

Executive director of the  Nielsen Liquor Group in the Pacific, Michael Walton, offers some words of advice on bow to  generate brand loyalty from this group:

“While it is this core group driving the success of New Zealand wines in Australia, they are also heavily marketed to across all key alcohol categories. Placing several varietals under one umbrella brand is likely to be the most suitable way to generate brand loyalty for this group.

“A multi-channel strategy is required to communicate to this group as they connect with many different information sources and are likely to generate word-of-mouth publicity.”

Walton adds that other opportunities to attract this lucrative group of ‘thirty-somethings’ include wine tasting opportunities in-store to reassure them about the quality and taste of the brand, as well as linking the brand to being good with food either with information in-store or on the actual bottle.

  • And here’s a TV commercial for Montana sauvignon blanc. It’s the first time a Kiwi wine brand has featured on Aussie telly. And the global campaign will include broadcasts in the UK in April and online. Youtube Video

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