When your own ads suck, ask your fans to make them

Travel review website Trip Advisor is the king of user-generated content, and it’s recently backed that up by running a competition for fan-made ads.

The company has now announced the winners of the competition, and has even started screening the supreme winner on national television in the US. 

The competition came off the back of a series of 15 and 30 second TVCs for the travel review website that weren’t particularly wow.

TripAdvisor.com users were asked to create their own ad using the same theme, “Don’t just visit New York, Visit TripAdvisor New York. With millions of reviews, TripAdvisor makes any destination better.”

TripAdvisor launched the month-long contest on August 1 and received hundreds of entries from the United States, France and Australia where the TripAdvisor “Don’t Just Visit” ads were aired.

The grand prize winner was offered $25,000 prize money, and five runners up got $1000 each.

The winners of the original contest are Denver-based filmmaker Jason Graisa and creative partner Curt Donohue.

Their ad, Fargo, is currently airing on United States national cable television.

But this was my personal favourite, by Oscar Lopez (Fla., USA) – “Pet Friendly”.

The competition was so successful (and economical), that the review website has opted to run it again. So if you live in the United States, France, or Australia and want to make a home-video for TripAdvisor with the potential to air online, apply here.

No word on a New Zealand-based competition yet.

See the rest of the runners up below:

Melody Beam (Calif., USA) – “Little Girl”

Carolyn Duchene (South Australia, Australia) – “Sydney Animated”

Scott Wood (New South Wales, Australia) – “Sydney Construction”

Christopher Osmont (Marly Le Roi, France) – “Paris et sa Viennoiserie”

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