When sugar isn’t sweet

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Pictures speak louder than words’, and this is truer than ever in the Diabetes Association of Thailand’s campaign dubbed ‘Sugar kills’ via Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok.

The campaign is comprised of gruesome images of limbs that look as if they have succumb to some kind of flesh eating disease as each picture embodies a sugary treat dissolving and eating into the skin, to emphasise the seriousness of diabetes.

According to The Huffington Post the campaign was designed to raise awareness of the little-known complications of type 2 diabetes, which can include poor wound healing, ulcers, gangrene (the death of flesh) and limb amputations.

While comments on Ads of the World say things like “Fucking disgusting” and “Gross and unpleasant to see”, we think inciting that reaction is the whole point, and imagine the images will arrest the attention of anybody who happens across them, like they have us.

We’re inclined to copy the actions of another commenter:

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