When rituals collide: from garages to changing rooms

Youtube Video Who’s it for: Skyline Garages by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Cirkus

Why we like it: It’s hinged on an insight that garages have been put to a range of inventive uses in New Zealand over the years, whether it be making rocket packs, boats, motorbikes or, rather self-reflexively, even ads. There’s a whole heap of that number eight wire sentiment that Kiwis love, plenty of patriotic ego-stroking, a few thinly disguised 42 Below references and, with some nice animation, a cartoony soundtrack and the mellifluous tones of the voice talent, it’s reminiscent of BC&F’s well-liked Pams campaign. What more could you want from a garage ad?

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Rexona by Naked Communications Sydney and Lance Kelleher

Why we like it: Although it was made by the Aussies, it’s filled with All Blacks and was directed by Kiwi lad Lance Kelleher from Curious Film, so it sneaks in. Beautifully shot, moody music, no sweaty men doing drill sessions and, unlike the ridiculous Dan Carter on a one-wheeled mountainbike spot, actually quite a powerful piece of film.

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