What’s your SE?

Back in the days when we only had linear TV, everyone was on the same page. When a show screened, everyone watched it at the same time. And if someone missed out on an episode, they’d have to rely on their friends to fill them in on what happened before. But things have changed. In the age of on-demand viewing, everyone watches at a different pace and you can never be sure of how far along friends in an episode.

Those who blurt out spoilers without considering the consequences of their actions have become widely reviled species that are simply met with groans and sighs of disgust from those in their company. 

Playing off the fact that its viewers binge at different rates, Netflix has released a quirky new campaign that features an alleged snitch tied to chair. The gangster boss hovering over him then receives a call confirming that the man is in fact not a snitch, which leads to the boss cooling off. But then, things again take a turn for the worse, when the not-snitch becomes the worst kind of snitch as he reveals important bits of the plot of Orange is the New Black.

The exchange that follows then educates the snitch as well as the viewer on the importance of asking a person’s SE (season and episode) before opening one’s mouth. And the campaign also comes with an interactive element that gives the viewer a chance to decide whether the snitch can live or die.   

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