What’s over the page? 2018 MPA Conference explores innovation in magazine media, international expert John Wilpers to give keynote

Necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s plenty of innovation happening in the magazine industry at the moment. That’s the theme of the Magazine Publishers Association’s upcoming conference, which will feature internationally renowned speaker John Wilpers sharing the findings of his 2018  FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media World Report, TRA’s Colleen Ryan discussing the role of culture in changing media consumption habits and plenty more on the industry’s future from those best placed to predict it.

As an author of the FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media World Report, John Wilpers understands the challenges facing the magazine media industry like few others. He also sees first-hand the breathtaking, groundbreaking, out-of-the-box and downright off-beat thinking that’s rising to meet these challenges, whether it’s messaging apps and bots, media tech, print innovations, social media or the reinvention of editorial teams.  

His presentation will cover the following three areas:

1.     How do you make money in magazine media these days?

2.     An overview of the most creative things we’re seeing in print today 

3.     What will the future look like in five years?

After 35 years as a writer, editor, and media executive, for the last nine years he has consulted with media companies around the world focusing on multi-platform innovation, organisational integration, and customer-driven editorial management to deliver multimedia content 24-7 across all platforms. So he knows his publishing onions. 

Colleen Ryan, the head of strategy at insights agency TRA works with some of the country’s biggest brands and will explore the role of culture when it comes to media consumption. Ryan has numerous skills and formidable strategy knowledge, but her most remarkable talent seems to be rising to the top of her chosen fields. She believes nothing is more representative than culture on the way people view media – and that trust, authenticity and reputation will only become more important in future. Her presentation will explore how publishers can use culture to command a premium.

This year’s conference will be held from 1pm on Thursday 7th June at Bishop Selwyn Chapel in Parnell. And as well as inspiration and education on the day, you can also take it home with you. Each ticket also includes a free copy of the Innovation in Magazine 2018-2019 World Report (valued at $250). 

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Wilpers will also hold a special innovation in B2B and trade session on the 5th June at The Icehouse. Unique challenges face the world of trade and B2B publishing. Beyond the well-documented struggles of changing markets and media consumption, there’s more unknown territory ahead. What might increasing automation and the growing world of artificial intelligence mean? What does best practice look like today, and how can trade and B2B publishers ensure they’re a success story (rather than a cautionary tale!) 

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