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If a new campaign from Durex is anything to go by, then men and women don’t really view sex all that differently. When separated into two gender groups, the responses from both men and women on whether they would engage in a one-night stand were almost unanimously affirmative. And when the topic of condom use popped up, both parties admitted it can be a bit of mood killer to pull out the square wrapper.

However, although the men and women provided very similar answers to most questions, the one area on which they differed was when asked for their thoughts on a woman insisting that a man wear a condom. While, the women said that they felt it might be a turn off for the guy, all the guys said that it showed a sign of confidence and that the women was strong enough to stand up for herself.  

This isn’t the first time Durex has assembled people to talk about their sex lives. For its #connect campaign released earlier, Durex presented the off button as a technological tool that could help to save a couple’s sex life. 


Previously, Durex also released its ‘Fundawear’ campaign, which enabled couples to virtually touch each other with the help of some special underwear. 

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