‘We’ve got this’: Nelson Tasman campaign showcases region’s best offerings

A regional marketing campaign titled ‘We’ve got this/Kei a Tātou’ has been launched as an attempt to bring Kiwis to the beautiful Nelson Tasman area and boost its economy.

After being hit hard by Covid-19, Nelson’s City Council and Tasman’s District Council created project Kōkiri, an economic strategy to speed up the region’s recovery. Included in the project was the development of ‘We’ve got this’ campaign, which aims to support local businesses and attract New Zealander’s to the area.

For a small region with a limited budget to cut through at a time when there is so much competition for domestic visitors and when ‘support local’ campaigns are filling our news feeds, we needed to do something more than focus on sunshine hours and the relaxed pace of life,” says project lead and CEO of Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, Ali Boswijk.

“Nelson Tasman is a challenger brand, so we needed to act like one and take a few risks to get some attention and that’s why we are asking locals to get involved to help push it and give it scale.”

The video, voiced by Ben Fahy, is a community driven insight into what the region can offer visitors.

The term ‘We’ve got this’ aims to relieve community members that the region is in good hands and the economic recovery is in process. Primarily, the campaign will shine a light on what Nelson Tasman has to offer, including picturesque scenery, innovative business, art and culture and world-class restaurants.

Aimed at all residents and sectors, the campaign has been designed to compliment the pre-existing marketing activity within the region. ‘We’ve got this’ will be heavily featured through digital and social media, along with print, physical activations, media engagement and merchandise.

The campaign’s launch video features local legends such as Pic Picot, mayor Rachel Reese and comedian Guy Williams, who all remind the region that the economy will soon be back on track.

Residents, schools, businesses, social influencers, community groups and everyone else within Nelson Tasman will also need to play their part to make the campaign a success. Boswijk says the communities input will be vital.

“We’re stronger together and while it might seem like there is not much you can do to help in a difficult time like this, every post on social media and every poster put up in a store window will play a role in speeding up our recovery.

“We need everyone from Nelson Tasman to show New Zealand and the world how fantastic this place is.”

Nelson Tasman locals are being encouraged to take photos and videos of their favourite places, businesses and products within the region and to share them across social media with the hashtag #nelsontasman or the tag @nelsontasmanNZ.

The best efforts will be showcased on the campaigns website , shared on Nelson Tasman’s social media platforms and displayed on digital screens around the region.

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