Weta Digital teams up with Amazon

Our very own Weta Digital has teamed up with Amazon Web Services in an effort to accelerate innovation and content production of visual effects.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is an Amazon company and is the worlds most broadly adopted cloud platforms. By leveraging this platform, Weta Digital will be able to create a new cloud-based visual effects workflow.

This workflow will include a set of technologies for artists that will underpin the studio’s global expansion, accelerate key portions of film production, and expand Weta Digital’s New Zealand operations, enabling its team of artists to collaborate on visual effects remotely. 

This new partnership is a multiyear deal that will see Weta Digital migrate the majority of its IT infrastructure to AWS cloud for creatives to tap into.

In addition, Weta Digital will use AWS to produce and render original content from the newly announced ‘Weta Animated’ and deliver on its multi-year movie slate. 

The AWS infrastructure means production process will not be hindered by lack of IT resources and Weta can spread workloads efficiently around the world, enabling its staff to work from anywhere.

“Weta Digital has earned fans around the world through its innovative approach of combining technology and creativity to push the boundaries of visual effects in the movie industry while bringing some of cinema’s most memorable characters to life,” said Andy Jassy CEO of AWS.

“Weta Digital will rely on AWS’s unmatched portfolio of services to continue redefining what is possible on screen and at a scale that was not previously possible. Through its collaboration with AWS, Weta Digital is reducing technology barriers for those in the filmmaking industry, strengthening its operations in New Zealand and globally, and paving the way for immersive, new experiences for moviegoers.” 

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