We’re going to have a fiesta, and Donald is going to pay for it

Mexican brewery  Cerveza Cucapá has responded to Donald Trump’s wall rhetoric in the most entertaining way: by tricking the politician’s supporters into funding a fiesta. 

To raise funds for this fiesta, the business took to the streets and started selling t-shirts in support of Donald Trump. However, unbeknown to the customers, the t-shirts were heat-activated and, as the temperatures rose during the day, the image of Donald Trump was turned into a clown and phrase “I support Donald Trump” was replaced by the Spanish text saying ‘Donald el que lo lea,’ which translates into ‘whoever reads this is Donald’.

While the joke doesn’t really make sense when translated to English, Vice reports that it’s largely an in-joke based on a popular Mexican saying that will be familiar to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.   

As the action unfolds in the video, police try to close down the stand, Trump detractors express their disgust, and one friendly guy even helps out when he hears that the goal is actually to build a wall of beers. 

The funds raised from this initiative wll be put toward a party set to be hosted in Mexico City in late October. No doubt the stunt has also led to some nice brand awareness for Cucapá.    

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