WellingtonNZ and EightyOne serve up a central city lunchtime campaign

WellingtonNZ’s new Love your Lunchtime campaign via EightyOne is a winner for central city businesses and the customers they serve.

Working from home culture and changing Covid levels have seen a reduction of 20-40 percent of people in the city during weekdays. This downward trend started in the first Covid Lockdown in March 2020. But while people may be coming in for fewer days in the office, that doesn’t mean they’re not coming in at all.

Aiming to make the most of peoples’ time in the CBD, the Love Local – Love your Lunchtime campaign encourages them to make the most of their precious lunchtime break in the city. The campaign includes a video, online marketing and street advertising.

WellingtonNZ Marketing General Manager Anna Calver says that Love your Lunchtime is about people treating themselves to those things they can’t easily access when working from home, making an occasion of their midday break

“There is nothing wrong with having leftovers for lunch but the city is home to around 850 eateries offering an eclectic range of dining choices. If you can afford it, why not check out what they have to offer. You may well find your new favourite dish,” Calver says.

She adds that the work from home ethic has seen people become used to shopping online but why not Love your Lunchtime with a spot of retail therapy?

“Online shopping provides a quick retail fix but it’s not the same as visiting a shop where you can see, try-on or experience whatever you’re looking to buy as well as discovering things you never knew you needed.

“And if you shop at one of nearly 200 businesses involved in the Love Local – Shop & Win competition you can enter to win a $10,000 shopping spree.”

WellingtonNZ worked on the campaign with Wellington creative agency EightyOne and media agency MBM.

The total budget for the Love Local – Love your Lunchtime campaign is $55,000.

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