Wellington tech start-up Showcase Workshop expands into the UK

Since its launch only two years ago, Wellington-based tech start-up Showcase Workshop has grown quickly, picking up major Kiwi clients such as Spark, NZTE, Z Energy and The Warehouse, and now the company is expanding into Europe after winning a new client in Vodafone UK. 

The company provides a digital platform, which businesses can use for sales presentation management, store operations information and training via their tablets and mobile devices.

“We enable marketers to build apps for their teams, and we are truly a global business now,” says chief executive and founder Millie Jocelyn. “Large and small businesses from everywhere are signing up to our cloud-based workshop, so they can manage the company content their sales teams, senior executives and frontline staff can access and use on their mobile devices.”

Jocelyn attributes the rapid growth and success of the company over the last two years to the fact that Showcase doesn’t over-promise and under-deliver. 

“We deliver a product that does exactly what it says it will do,” she says. “Showcase Workshop gets content (documents, videos, brochures and forms) onto your team’s mobile devices and the customer can keep that content up to date with very little cost and effort. Business teams are empowered by being able to access what they need, very quickly in an app format. With the growing use of mobile devices in businesses, Showcase Workshop gives companies a simple way of managing the information that is used on those devices.”

And although the system is primarily designed to simplify the often-complicated channels of communication within a business, Jocelyn says that it’s also proving to be a smart investment for many of her clients. 

“For both The Warehouse and Spark, Showcase Workshop is being used as an operations information management tool to deliver a range of essential updates to their sites,” she says. “Both companies will reduce their costs by thousands of dollars every year by providing critical information to stores through Showcase Workshop straight to their tablets, instead of using printed documents.”

So how did a Kiwi start-up catch the eye of Vodafone’s massive UK arm?

“Vodafone’s Global Enterprise team were looking for an innovative mobile product to provide for their customers and selected Showcase Workshop, because we provide a great tool and fast, responsive service,” says Jocelyn.

The telco was so enamoured with the company and the service it offers that it even released a video explaining how the partnership came about. 

Interestingly, Showcase currently doesn’t work with the local arm of Vodafone, but Jocelyn says that this isn’t due to any exclusivity clauses in its contract with Spark. 
“Spark has a very positive attitude in this area; like all of our customers that operate in highly competitive sectors, they recognise that Showcase Workshop is an incredible tool for content management and distribution to mobile devices. Showcase Workshop itself is not the strategic advantage. It’s what our customers decide to do with it that makes the difference to their business. Just like Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees, Showcase Workshop delivers a product that’s used across many competitive businesses;  it’s up to each individual business to decide how they’re going to use the tool to save costs or dynamically manage information.”

The company’s deal with Vodafone UK has also opened the door to various other businesses in the region, and Jocelyn is optimistic that this could lead to even further expansion.

“Our reseller agreement gives Showcase access to the world’s largest global companies, so we are poised for rapid growth,” she says. “Getting a support team established in London will give us a 24-hour operation. That’s one of the great reasons a NZ office is a perfect complement to a global operation … We can be the next global IT brand for New Zealand, in this rapidly growing industry. I’m 100 percent sure of that.”

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