Wellington Phoenix adds Clems to the bench

The Wellington Phoenix has announced another signing: Clemenger BBDO, which has gained a place as the team’s official advertising partner for the coming season.  

Sean Keaney, Clemenger BBDO’s director of integration, says there was no incumbent as such (he says ex-owner Terry Serepisos previously employed the services of a mate with a computer, so it was a pretty homespun affair) and the deal came about after discussions with some of the seven new owners, who the Clems gang knew through previous business dealings. 

Clemenger BBDO has already dabbled in football promotions, including teaming with the New Zealand Professional Footballers Association for the ‘One Shot for Glory’ promotion leading up to the 2010 World Cup playoff game against Bahrain.

Partnering with the Phoenix is a way for us to support yet another Wellington success. They bring the world’s game to Wellington and being at a Phoenix game is arguably one the best entertainment experiences you can have,” says Clemenger BBDO managing director, Andrew Holt. 

Phoenix general manager David Dome says one of the first things the new pairing will be working on is the marketing plan for the 2012-13 season membership drive and he envisaged having memberships on sale by the end of July.

Keaney says the big challenge is getting more bums on seats than last year and one of the big issues it has to deal with is letting people know when the games are on.

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