Wash to play

Drawing teens away from games, social media and digital entertainment to help out around the home is as much as a chore for parents as it is doing the task itself. To help, Samsung, with DDB Stockholm, decided to blend laundry and gaming by creating a laundromat fitted out with gaming stations.

LANdry, allowed teens to trade dirty washing for game time, by washing for one hour while playing for one hour. Each gaming station was equipped with a Galaxy S7 that connected to the AddWash washing machines, allowing gamers to monitor the wash process while playing.

DDB Stockholm creative Martin Runfors says: “we all know teens don’t like chores. We also know parents don’t like it when their kids play games instead of helping out at home when asked to. This is an experiment to try to create a win-win situation”.

LANdry was temporarily set up in central Stockholm last month.

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