WARC releases global top 100 creative campaigns

The World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) has released its yearly round-up of top 100 creative campaigns. Here are the top ten and why they deserved the title of most creative.

The Whopper Detour for Burger King by FCB New York

When it comes to fast food, specifically burgers, there are two chains that supreme above the rest, McDonald’s and Burger King. As McDonald’s has twice as many US restaurants as Burger King, it was important for BK to create a campaign so clever it would draw people away from its competitor. Using geofencing on its mobile app, Burger King allowed customers to order a one-cent burger from any McDonald’s restaurant and then collect it at Burger King. Becoming the number one app on both iOS and Android, and with 1.5 million downloads in nine days, the campaign has rightfully landed first place on WARC’s Creative 100.

Viva La Vulva for Bodyform/Libresse by AMV BBDO London

Coming in second is a campaign that celebrates every woman, and her vulva. Research has shown that globally, 44 percent of women have felt embarrassed by their vulva and 57 percent feel pressured to have theirs look a specific way. Through a spectacular lip sync video using every vagina-shaped object possible, Bodyform and Libresse reinforce that every woman should love themselves no matter what their downstairs looks like. Even with zero paid media support, the video received more than five million views with 96 percent positive sentiment.

Dream Crazy for Nike by Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Celebrating the 30-year anniversary of “Just Do It”, renowned sports brand Nike has refreshed its original rebellious spirit for the new generation. The campaign includes iconic athletes such as NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who illustrates the brand’s message in which to chase your goals and overcome barriers. The result of the campaign gained Nike $6 billion in brand value, making it the brand’s most successful campaign ever.

The Truth is Worth it for The New York Times by Droga5 New York

As newspapers continue to decrease in sales and paid journalism faces jeopardy, The New York Times decided to pull out all the stops in order to gain attention. Through a series of films, the US news publication managed to depict the tiring amount of research, work, and danger a journalist can undergo, which resulted in an increase of print sales and a high of three million paying subscribers.

Changing the Game for Xbox by McCann New York

Microsoft’s popular gaming brand Xbox has recently introduced an adaptive controller that makes gaming a hobby that is inclusive to all. Through an emotional film showcased at the Super Bowl, Xbox detailed the experiences of those with disabilities using the controller, and how it has significantly changed their life. The campaign caused a 77 percent increase in conversation about inclusive gaming and was also crowned the most effective Super Bowl ad of 2019.

Broadway the Rainbow for Skittles by DDB Chicago

Taking it up a notch, confectionary brand Skittles took to Broadway to receive attention. With a 30-minute musical at $200 per ticket, the campaign earned more than 2.5 billion earned impressions and a 5.6 percent rise in skittle consumption.

StorySign for Huawei by FCB Inferno London

Huawei’s campaign StorySign is a platform that translates children’s books into sign language. Featuring a literacy application with a signing avatar named Star, the campaign has reached 1.5 billion people across the world and received 128 million film views.

Keeping Fortnite Fresh for Wendy’s by VMLY&R Kansas City

What better way to promote fast food than through the worldwide gaming phenomenon that is Fortnite. Wendy’s cleverly targeted the youth of America by joining Fortnite’s new game mode ‘Food Fight’, using a Wendy’s designed player to destroy as many in-game freezers as possible. The campaign received 1.5 million minutes of streaming on Twitch and mentions of Wendy’s went up by 119 percent.

ThisAbles for IKEA by McCann Tel Aviv

Furniture retailer IKEA is catering to those with disabilities in Israel by introducing add-ons that can be attached to original products to make them more accessible. The campaign resulted in a 33 percent increase of sales of the 13 add-ons and has generated $5 million in earned media from PR.

Safety Hub for NRMA Insurance by CHE Proximity Melbourne

NRMA’s latest campaign has used data to pinpoint when homes are at risk of destruction. If homeowners acknowledge the risks and do chores to help prevent destruction, NRMA rewarded them. Normally insurance is only used after a disaster, through this campaign NRMA has proven their value and boosted interaction.

WARC also commended the top agencies for creativity. The following are the top ten.

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