Waikato Civil Defence wins at social media

The social media team behind the Waikato Civil Defence account need an honoury medal of some sort. And if a suitable hunk of metal does not exist for them, one should promptly be created. The reason being that these brave folks perform a great public service every day, providing life-saving weather updates.

Take for instance, the advice they recently tweeted out that undoubtedly saved singing Kiwis everywhere from a trampoline-caused death:

Still not convinced of the brilliance of this team? Well, they also saved the nation’s mermaids from taking unnecessary risks on the rocks. 

What’s more is that they’re culturally aware, drawing a parallel between impending cultural and natural disasters:


Their services also extend into the educational sphere.

Fathers afraid of stepping on scattered Lego pieces almost certainly owe them thanks.

And if this doesn’t convince you of their greatness, then perhaps the Hoff’s persuasiveness will push you over the line.


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