VTNZ breaks out in a song for its latest campaign—UPDATED

VTNZ staff simply cannot contain their excitement about getting drivers back on the road if the company’s latest campaign by Assignment Group and MBM is anything to go by.  

The 45-second ‘We can’t wait to get you on the road again’ spot features VTNZ staff from across New Zealand singing and dancing around the company’s workshop, using lights as microphones and pulling the odd Gangnam Style move.

VTNZ marketing communications manager Jessica Nikora, says aim of the campaign is to increase the brand’s relevance and make VTNZ known as “a place that keeps you and your vehicle safe on the road” rather than just a place for WoF testing.

“VTNZ was most known for “testing’, and as a result was well known, but not well loved… Contrast this however with the real VTNZ – a place of potential high usefulness for its audience with an exceptionally high level of employee satisfaction and a different story started to emerge. Within VTNZ there is a vibrant and very human culture that was not getting through to the public or to prospective employees. Nor was it clear that VTNZ does more than just WoFs.”

Nikora says the strategy was to put a human face to VTNZ, so real staff were used to show their “helpfulness, warmth and passion for all things with wheels”. She says it creates a tone and a warmth for the brand that was previously missing.

But it wasn’t just any staff who got to dance along. Those who wanted to be included had to undergo an audition process.

However, it wouldn’t have been hard to get staff to sign up, as they appear to be quite comfortable dancing around. In 2013, the staff at VTNZ Queenstown made this video when the Harlem Shake was gyrating its way across the internet. 

The campaign comes after VTNZ took out the top Enterprise workplace in the Kenexa Best Workplaces Award at the end of last year, for the second year in a row.

The Kenexa survey asks employees to anonymously rate how satisfied they are with their workplace. VTNZ staff received a clean warrant of fitness from 97.1 per cent of its more than 1000 staff.

Chief executive Mike Walsh said at the time, the staff enjoy working for the company and feel looked after.

“We know that highly engaged staff provide an excellent customer experience, so this is an important litmus test for us… We’re very committed to our people as an organisation, and it’s humbling to see them reflecting that back.”

This idea is supported by the campaign’s behind the scenes video in which staff talk abut their experience working with VTNZ. All reflect positively about VTNZ.

VTNZ joins Z Energy with the strategy to feature real staff members in campaigns. Last month, the service station won the March Ad Impact Award for a spot including staff helping out customers.

StopPress has contacted VTNZ for comment and the agency behind the piece. The story will be updated accordingly.

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