V’s motion-powered audio witchcraft hits the streets


We wrote about the launch of Colenso BBDO’s very cool V Motion Project a few weeks back.
And after an “epic journey to create music using the body’s movement”,
the creators took their bootleged technology and a projector to an
Auckland carpark on Saturday night to show the people what happens when
the power of dance is harnessed.

For the first part of the mission, music producer Joel Little of
Goodnight Nurse and Kids of 88 fame, along with a bunch of tech-dudes
and visual artists, hacked into Xbox Kinect technology and music-making
software Ableton in a warehouse in the back streets of Grey Lynn. Then
they set ‘motion artist’ Josh Cesan loose to figure out how to use it.
And Saturday night saw his moves being projected onto the side of an
11.5m high wall as he played the song crafted by Little.

If you want to see how it all came together, webisodes one to six, filmed by Zoe McIntosh of Thick as Thieves, are live now at v.co.nz. And, as you’d expect, there’s also some more experiential activity and a TVC to come.

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