Volvo New Zealand takes the local route in new campaign

Volvo takes a journey across New Zealand in a new campaign by Republik in an effort to connect the brand with Kiwis.

The 60-second spot watches as Volvos traverse New Zealand’s beaches, forests, river beds and mountains while a voice-over poetically commentates the journeys with lines like “have you learned to know the desert’s little ways?” and “big mountains heave to heaven”, hinting at the different locations.

Volvo New Zealand general manager Coby Duggan says the Volvo brand and product has undergone a significant evolution in the last five years and it’s important that’s reflected in its marketing.

“We’re a challenger brand in the luxury category here, but we have a line up that’s outstanding, and it’s getting stronger with every new model launched. We’re chasing a fourth consecutive sales record in 2017 but for this growth to continue it’s imperative that we connect with Kiwis and elevate the Volvo brand perception amongst luxury car buyers in New Zealand.”

In order to connect with Kiwis, the ad takes the not so original route of driving a car through stunning landscapes. However, unlike some other car spots, it’s all familiar territory.

Volvo has been with Republik since 2014 and until now, creative director Andrew Sims says most of the content it received was filmed on the right-hand side of the road in wintery Scandinavian locations, which wasn’t ideal for the local market.

“We wanted to show Volvo’s award-winning product in iconic local environments that better reflect our lifestyle. It’s been a fantastic project to work on; Paul [director]truly went above and beyond to pull it all together. We also managed to capture additional footage for future campaign creation,” says Sims.


Client – Volvo Cars New Zealand
Coby Duggan – Volvo New Zealand’s General Manager
Brittany Gardner – Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Production Team
Paul Ross Jones – Director
Toybox – Post Production
Michael Hurst – Voice Talent
Liquid Studios – Sound Design
Philippe Lods – Editor

Andrew Sims – Regional Creative Director
Adam Taylor – Writer
Nicole Yeoman – Art Director
Emma Munro – Account Director
Paul McNamara – Business Director
Diane Besim – Media Manager

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