Vogel’s takes over media, announces price drop to 28 cents

To celebrate its 50th birthday, Vogel’s has gone back to 1967 and dropped its bread price to 28 cents in a campaign promoted through a media takeover.

As part of the campaign, by The Enthusiasts, this morning’s national newspapers got a makeover, with the front page featuring the price promotion that’s redeemable until 10 December when you buy one loaf at the 2017 price. The inside front cover then explains what was going on in the world in 1967 and that Vogel’s, a new bread on the market, had people emptying their wallets and chanting from the rooftops.

Cover page.

Inside front cover.

According to Vogel’s website, the 28 cents price was calculated by the nana of a baker called Alex, and the RBNZ inflation calculator.

It also explains that as retailers are free to price products at their own discretion, its used the recommended retail price of $4.99 to calculate the cost.

Vogel’s marketing manager Andrew Fenwick told NZ Herald that a lot had changed in New Zealand in 50 years, but one thing that’s stayed the same is a love of Vogel’s bread. He also pointed out the link between 1967 and New Zealand’s finances.

“Not only did Vogel’s launch in 1967 but New Zealand changed to the decimal currency that year too,” he said.

And it’s not just the old price of Vogel’s that’s resurfaced as fans of the brand have been sharing their Vogel’s memories from back in the day below a dedicated Facebook post. Commenters have shared stories of relatives who used to bake the bread, while others have recalled walking to the dairy to buy unsliced loaves of the bread that were wrapped in crinkly cellophane.

The trip back in time follows a campaign released in July that celebrated the nation’s diversity and uniqueness by gathering a group of New Zealanders around a table to share what makes them special. Its heart-warming charm has since earned it over two million views on Facebook.

The campaign was created by Shine, however, following Goodman Fielder announcing new agency partners in September, Martin Yeoman’s and Jamie Hitchcock’s ageny—The Enthusiasts—looks after the baking portfolio.        

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