Vodafone Warriors calls on fans to be the tribe

Earlier this year, the Vodafone Warriors were slammed in the Australian press as the “biggest disappointment” in rugby league. These were harsh words for a team that hasn’t had much good news in the results department for quite some time.

These sentiments have also been expressed on this side of the ditch, with fans penning their frustration about players “who care more about looking good on Snapchat than doing the hard yards to craft a champion.”

In response to the criticism at the level of commitment of the players, the Vodafone Warriors marketing team has launched a campaign that features players talking openly about what it feels like to hear these accusations in the press and on social media. 

A number of players, including Simon Mannering and Shaun Johnson, front up to the camera and tell fans how much they do care and how hard it is to be on the losing side week in, week out.

This is a refreshing as sports ads normally focus on success and strength rather than vulnerability and loss. 

An important aspect of the campaign is to highlight the fact that true fans support the team through the good times and the bad times, giving a nod to those fans who’ll still come to a game even after eight losses. 

In addition to the video clips, the campaign also features a number of eye-catching social media posts that feature comments from the players.


StopPress understands that the campaign was developed in-house by the Vodafone Warriors marketing and creative teams. 

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