Vodafone spells out the (digital) facts of life

Vodafone has launched a kit of kids activities and tips for parents after research showed a large proportion of children were accessing the internet by the time they turned six.

The Digital Facts of Life card set is free from Vodafone’s retail stores. It was developed by the telco’s headquarters in the UK but customised for a Kiwi audience. The last card, Tools and Tips for Parents, has information about the Vodafone Guardian and Blacklist apps, and has the web address for NetSafe.

The others have activities created by UK games company Moshi Monsters that educate children about using internet-connected technology safely.

Market research company YouGov found 36 percent of Kiwis under five use the internet, with that figure rising to 78 percent for those aged six and under.

Vodafone says it’s been targeting older children with its local apps, but this kit is aimed at five to 10-year-olds. “It’s about helping our business understand the issues that our stakeholders are concerned about and then taking steps to address them,” says Abbie Reynolds, Vodafone’s head of sustainability and foundation.

“One issue we know lots of customers and other stakeholders are concerned about is how to keep young people safe online, and longer term, how we help young people learn to be successful digital citizens.”

The research also found 38 percent of parents were buying their children internet-enabled devices, but only 59 percent felt well supported in getting information about online safety.

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