Vodafone offers flexibility in response to the ever-present likelihood of change

As those of us watching the election results last night can vouch, the state of things can change very quickly. Although a tagline: “Things change” rings particularly true today, FCB did not have the state of America/the world in mind when they came up with the campaign for Vodafone’s My Flex Prepay offering.

Instead, they sought to illustrate customers’ need to have flexible prepay plans, and did this with a man, on a couch, with a cat. The resulting humorous TVC explores the ups and downs of modern dating, from needing data for dating apps, minutes to call your love interest and txts to beg the one who got away back. Now with ‘The power to Flex’ the love-struck character only needs to flex his finger muscles to find a new love interest online.

As Vodafone consumer director Matt Williams explains: “We don’t all fit into a neat and tidy box when it comes to how we use our phones. Some of us prefer to TXT rather than call, while others spend most of their phone time using apps like YouTube, Snapchat, Viber and Facebook Messenger.”

Launched this week the prepay service lets customers dial up or down their plan’s quota of data, minutes or TXTs on its app. The advert set in a lonely flat, which momentarily turns into a sun-drenched apartment when the character finds himself lucky in love, reflects Kiwi’s need to be free in planning their own plans. With so many ways to interact via phone, the way they choose interact can change over time. 

To support action triggered by the TVC longer online videos with a plain white background show customers how to use My Flex Prepay, or how to set up an account with Vodafone in a longer version.

The future may be uncertain, but at least Vodafone customers can change their plan at the swipe of a touch screen, whether they are in need of dating apps or needing to keep an eye on @POTUS on Twitter. 

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