Vodafone launches digital treasure hunt for release of Samsung Galaxy S5—UPDATED

Earlier this month, Telecom opted for a sadistic promotional approach by forcing comedian Guy Williams to endure a range of painful experiences as part of its ‘Extreme Unboxing‘ campaign for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. And while this certainly generated quite a few laughs and YouTube hits for Telecom, actor James Rolleston will no doubt feel relieved that FCB veered away from schadenfreude when developing a campaign dedicated to the technological device for Vodafone.

Rather than harming anyone in the making of its campaign, Vodafone is instead giving away a range of daily prizes as well as a grand prize of $100,000 worth of gold.         

As part of the campaign, Vodafone has launched a competition that requires subscribers to pick a location that falls within one of the 37 zones where 4G access is available in New Zealand.

In adopting this promotional approach, Vodafone has announced the arrival of the latest version of the phone while simultaneously showing off the reach of its 4G network – something which remains the company’s key point of difference from its competitors.

“Vodafone and FCB focused on two key factors which differentiate Vodafone’s Samsung Galaxy S5 offering from other telcos and retailers, in order to give consumers and businesses a clear reason to buy from Vodafone. These are: 1) a gold edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 available only on Vodafone for a limited time; and 2) a network advantage of 4G in more places than any other telco,” says a Vodafone spokesperson.

At the moment, Telecom only offers 4G in parts of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, while 2degrees, which is currently trialling the service in Auckland, only plans to introduce it on a wider scale in July.

To play the game, users simply need to visit the ‘Gold Rush’ microsite (designed in-house by FCB), where they are prompted to enter a mobile number before being given the chance to select an area.

“If you’ve got a Vodafone-connected Samsung Galaxy S5 and use it to join Vodafone’s great Galaxy Gold Rush at [the Gold Rush website] you’ll get one Gold Pin each day to drop in one of Vodafone 37 4G areas across NZ. Upon dropping your gold pin and signing up, you will be entered into the draw to win the ultimate prize of $100,000 worth of gold. You can increase your chances of winning by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, which will give you one extra gold pin to drop on the day you share,” explains the spokesperson.

“The draw for this will be conducted on 12 May at 9am and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter, provided we can make contact with the winner within 48 hours of that draw. If we’re unable to contact the winner within 48 hours of the draw, another draw will be conducted to determine the winner.”

And, in what could be seen as an effort to pinch a few customers away from 2degrees and Telecom, Vodafone has not restricted the game to its subscribers. Those affiliated with another network can also play (albeit with red rather than gold pins), provided that they share their details with the red network. Non-Vodafone subscribers will however only be in the draw for daily prizes and not the grand prize of the gold.

According to the network’s spokesperson, the game has already attracted substantial traffic and this is likely to increase further as the competition runs over the next 17 days.

“There has been a high level of engagement with Vodafone’s great Galaxy Gold Rush with an average dwell time on the site of two minutes and 47 seconds; a total of 24,365 site visits with 18,871 unique users; and a total of 11,156 pins dropped to date,” he says.

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