VMO hits an audience of half a million

VMO New Zealand’s workplace media and content network, VMO Work, has just broken another audience milestone with figures revealing the network now commands a cumulative weekly audience of over half a million professional workers. 

The VMO Work audience is dominated by traditionally hard to reach white-collar, high-income workplace professionals.

VMO conducts its audience analytics via its Digital-outdoor Audience in Real Time (DART) tool, which demonstrates who has viewed the campaign and how long they have been engaged for.

Underpinning the network’s rapid growth is a commitment to deliver content tailored to the interests of its audience. Weather, sport, news headlines and finance updates are a staple of the networks line up.

As digital technology evolves, so too does VMO Work’s new content layout using technology and new aesthetics to ensure clients’ needs are met faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Gordon Frykberg, general manager at VMO Work, says: “We’re committed to creating better value for all our partners. This latest content evolution will further increase demand from property partners and brands alike.”

The Hoyts Group (owners of VMO Work) chief commercial officer, Anthony Deeble, adds: “VMO Work was the first to deliver a network of full motion digital screens within premium New Zealand office buildings – the refreshed content and our commitment to ongoing investment cements VMO Work’s position as the leader in workplace media in New Zealand.”

Display time remains at 10 seconds, however, there is now an option for advertisers to dominate with the full-screen moving imagery, as well as the option or even of sponsoring a content segment such as news or weather.

Not only do these changes improve the overall look of the screens, they are set to improve engagement with the content of the displays. 

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