Viva la revolución: Orcon brings back Raoul for more ISP madness

Callplus Group, which owns Slingshot and Orcon, holds approximately 16 percent of the internet service provider (ISP) market, placing it behind Spark and Vodafone as the third biggest player. And holding this position as a challenger brand has seen both sub-brands take a relatively feisty approach to marketing their services.      

Slingshot has over the last year taken several jabs at the major players in the market, calling them out for their adversity to allowing customers access to global mode services—and this has now led to the old guard to seek a declaratory order on the service at Auckland’s High Court.

Similarly to its sister company, Orcon has also taken a few shots at its competitors by pointing out that they throttle customers’ broadband speeds. This criticism was first introduced via an Orcon TVC released last year that introduced Kiwis to Raoul, a revolutionary figure clad in purple military fatigues who seems determined to bringing to what he sees as ISP injustices.

And this colourful character—with his oscillating accent—has returned in a new spot that is even more bizarre than those that came before.


Conceptualised by Contagion and directed by Helena Brooks of Flying Fish, the TVCs extend on Raoul’s character, drawing the viewer into an increasingly offbeat world to highlight the benefits of Orcon’s latest offering.  

“Orcon’s new offer upgrades your internet to awesome, so it made sense to show our ad getting more awesome with it” says Bridget Taylor.

Despite the ongoing legal intrigue regarding the use of global mode, Orcon is continuing to refer to the service in its promotional material and it is taking this a step further by offering new customers on unlimited plans a six-month streaming TV credit, which gives them $10 per month account credit to use for any streaming service.   

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