Vistar brings programmatic capabilities to New Zealand

The leading global provider of software for digital-out-of-home (DOOH), Vistar Media, is introducing programmatic capabilities locally. 

Currently in beta with Omnicom Media Group and Acquire, the launch will provide buyers with programmatic access to valuable inventory from Lumo and Val Morgan.  

Through the Vistar DSP, buyers seeking to run DOOH campaigns in New Zealand will have access to a suite of programmatic capabilities. 

That includes planning based on geography, at the region and city level, the ability to upload custom POIs for targeting, automated creative workflow that allows buyers to easily upload assets, receive expedited media owner approval, and launch campaigns without delay and detailed reporting to monitor performance by IO, campaign, region, city, venue and media owner. 

Since launching in the ANZ market in late 2018, and with increasing demand for programmatic access to New Zealand inventory, Vistar has built direct integrations with leading media owners to expand the programmatic footprint. 

“Even during a tumultuous 2020, we’ve seen rapidly growing investment in programmatic DOOH,” says Ben Baker, Sales Director, ANZ at Vistar Media.  

“There is a real appetite from media owners and buyers for Vistar’s programmatic capabilities to enter the New Zealand market, and we’re excited to bring data-driven DOOH transactions to market.” 

Azriel Chan, Head of Platforms & Capabilities, Omnicom Media Group, New Zealand, says: “The inclusion of programmatic DOOH as part of a client’s omni-channel strategy ensures that we can be agile in addressing real-time data, deploying hyper-targeted strategies, deliver tailored story-telling and leverage strategic addressable audience tactics through various programmatic DOOH suppliers via Vistar’s platform.” 

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