Virtual wingmen sign up singleton friends for chikka baow waow

Have a couple of lonely, unloved, perhaps physically repulsive single friends? Then head online, become a virtual wingman, write a summation of your singleton associates’ good points and hook them up with that special someone for some companionship and chikka baow waow.

Christchurch woman Sally Wynn-Williams came up with the concept for www.checkoutmyfriend.co.nz because she wanted to create a way for all her single friends to meet each other virtually.

“Young, single people are very savvy, and as online dating has grown, the natural progression is towards niche sites that provide a more personalised service. At the end of the day, joining our dating site is nothing unusual for the users of Facebook and Twitter. It’s fun, it works … with the help of your friend it’s the new way to go on the pull on-line!”

Public launches have been organised around Valentines Day and the folks at Craft design in Christchurch put together these cheeky wee numbers for the occasion.

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