‘Vinnie’s View’ tops ratings war*

Fed up with constantly being mistaken for Rhys Darby, our very own Vincent Heeringa has stepped out of Rhys’ shadow, with his own television segment, ‘Vinnie’s View’. We’re so proud.

In his debut performance this morning, Heeringa discussed tidal power and road trains as part of TV3’s ASB Business show, which screens weekdays at 6.30am.

When asked about his appearance this morning, Heeringa apologised for the invasion of Poland.

But before you shriek in despair at the thought of having missed the exciting first installment, fear not. With the power that is ‘On Demand Television’, you can check out this morning’s appearance here. And feel free replay to your hearts content. New segments will appear on the last Thursday of every month. Wishing you happy and insightful viewing.

* Vincent Heeringa on Thursday’s ASB Business vs Rhys Darby on similar Thursday business breakfast shows

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