Vero launches new campaign as a different type of insurer

Insurance companies and creativity aren’t normally known to rub shoulders, however, Vero and Big have teamed up with something a little different for Vero’s latest campaign.

Released on Monday night, the result is three thirty-second stories told with slow-moving pans and twists, with the intention of branding Vero as a different type of insurer.

The first ad has a voiceover which states Vero identifies risks before problems occur, as well as helping customers take worthwhile risks, such as combining avocado and kombucha flavoured ice-cream (which could indeed be a risk). 

The second spot named ‘Drones’ cites the Edgecumbe flood last year where Vero was able to assist using drones when other insurance companies weren’t able to due to rising water levels. 

The last spot outlines the work Vero did during the aftermath of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake; delivering food parcels to homes in the area.  

Directed by Luke Sharpe at Bunker, the campaign was shot entirely in-studio to provide complete control over the end look. The ads will run on broadcast and digital channels, supported by industry-specific print and digital.

Creative director at Big, Joe Holden says that settling on the stories was the difficult part, as there were so many to choose from.

“We then wanted to tell them in a way that rewarded people with a break within the ad break. We don’t need to shout or demand a response.”

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