Val Morgan unveils new measurement tool, increases cinema audience insights

Measurement of audience behaviour as well as numbers has become a crucial feature of advertising platforms looking to attract additional ad spend, with the outdoor and TV industries already paying attention to responses of their viewers. And now Val Morgan is bringing that to local cinema screens with the introduction of its CineTam Plus tool.

The cinema advertising network’s new tool went live this week to provide advertisers and media agencies behavioural data around the cinema occasion and unlock a new level of insight and targeting.

It will add depth to existing audience measurement and data capabilities with the inclusion of cinema audience’s ‘movie going’ and media habits as well as insights into category and entertainment preferences. It will also capture sentiment and trends in behaviour.

Val Morgan sales director Suzie Lamborn said over the last 12 months, it’s created a unique level of insight into the cinema audience.

“As well as movie preferences we now know, for example, when people shop, whether they have SVOD at home and how they feel about their insurance provider,” she says.

The established insight base of over 2,000 respondents is set to grow with biannual sweeps and Val Morgan hopes it will become the most comprehensive database of movie audiences in New Zealand.

It’s also announced that phase two of CineTam Plus will be offering advertisers access by providing specific questions to gain further qualitative insights linked to a brand, product and category.

Despite the new tool, the existing measurement tool, CineTam, will continue to deliver accountability through audience measurement. It was launched in 2014 and at the time, Lamborn called it a “game changer” for the cinema advertising industry in New Zealand.

It allows advertisers to track campaign performance against demographic target audiences, improving on the previous system with which advertisers had only been able to speculate on which age groups were in the cinema on the basis of the film showing.

The development of CineTam Plus is Val Morgan’s response to an ad market increasingly driven by insights—a trend that has seen Val Morgan Outdoor, oOh! Media and QMS and Adshel improve their local outdoor measurement systems, and Nielsen enhance its local digital measurement service (all in the past six months).

Last year, NZ Marketing magazine’s Media Momentum Index found cinema was criticised by some in the advertising industry for its measurement. Members of the panel said it was not able, or willing, to invest in the level of audience research necessary to convince advertisers to invest.

Time will tell if CineTam Plus brings cinema to the same playing field as other media.

However, that said, there are still some major advantages to cinema advertising as many cinema goers are eager to watch upcoming trailers, switched off cell phones remove second screen distractions, there are no ad blockers and the big screen and surround sound make the ads hard to ignore.

According to recent SMI agency spend figures, advertisers are opening their eyes to these advantages as spend in the platform increased 16.8 percent when comparing last year’s numbers to those of 2015.

Between January and December 2016, $7.1 million was spent on the platform, while $6.1 million was spent in the same period of 2015.

However, both in years it saw considerably lower spend than all other platforms. The next highest, outdoor, received $113.2 million last year and $92.6 million in 2015.

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