Frucor’s European cohorts attempt to silence the trolls with V campaign

Frucor’s V brand has pushed a number of marketing envelopes in the New Zealand market and, given it’s at the head of the field in the energy segment, that seems to have paid off. Frucor also has global ambitions for the brand, and it’s looking to climb the ladder in Europe with a campaign centred around internet trolls. 

Via Albion London, the campaign, which will run in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands, urges people to silence the trolls with some positivity, or, as they call it, V-Hab recovery. The mad 90 second ad, which, like all good internet content, features cats, is supported by the V-Hab microsite, which offers a range of ways to mock the all-pervasive internet troll. 

Users can also download a ‘de-troller’ browser extension that to add some positivity to the usually negative comments online and combat trolling with the ‘troll intervention’ Facebook app.  

“Given the widespread rise of internet trolling behaviour in the UK, we thought it was time to do something about it in a positive way and the V-Hab campaign is our way of doing that,” says Cameron Strahorn, V Energy European marketing manager (Frucor). 

Frucor’s local marketing director Scott Wright says it’s clearly quite different to how the brand has been positioned locally, but its market position/context is completely different. 

“Being a small player and number eight or nine to market, they are looking for a different way in to energy than what is owned by the dominant players in the category.” 

V is the most popular energy drink in Australasia, it’s available in around 20 countries and, back in 2010, it was clocking up $250 million worth of exports each year.

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